— mentorship project, that aims at helping pupils from Lithuania to enter best foreign universities.

Personal Statement workshops

Personal Statement workshops will take place on 4 January in Vilnius, at Vilnius Lyceum. This event is aimed at improving applicants' motivational letter, usually known as the Personal Statement. Current and former UK students will gather together into small groups, and will review each of the pupils' Personal Statements in turn, highlighting the best and the worst aspects of it. These workshops will also provide pupils a perfect opportunity to get to know more about the studies and life in the UK, as well as enabling students to share their experiences.

About the project

’Academic Buddy’ project progresses in two stages: Oxbridge stage and 2nd (rest of UK) stage.

Although official registration for 2015/16 for Oxbridge stage has ended, we strongly encourage pupils, who are interested in applying, to email us at academic.buddy@gmail.com.

From May to October, Oxbridge stage of the project takes place, which is devoted to help pupils, applying to Oxford or Cambridge (Oxbridge) universities. From September to January, 2nd stage of the project takes place, which is devoted to ones applying to the best universities in the rest of UK, e.g. LSE, UCL, Edinburgh, St Andrews, Durham, Warwick etc. Pupils, participating in Oxbridge stage may also participate in 2nd stage.

We aim to help talented and motivated students from Lithuania who decided to apply to foreign universities to get high quality education, matching their academic potential. At the same time we are gathering an international Lithuanian students’ community. Lithuanians studying abroad participate in this project by consulting and providing assistance to final year high-school students in the process of their applications. Do you have any questions? Write to us academic.buddy@gmail.com.

Oxbridge stage 2016/17

until 07 31 mentor and pupil registration
07 18 opening event
08 07 mentors’ and pupils’ communication commences
09 05-06 application prep camp
10 15 UCAS deadline (Oxbridge stage)
December invitations to the interviews
January universities announce admission results

2nd stage 2015/16

To be announced later.

end of November mentors’ and pupils’ communication commences 01 04 Personal Statement workshops 01 15 UCAS application deadline (UK-wide stage) Spring universities announce admission results #}

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