Should I apply to Oxbridge?

Yes, definitely! Many of successful Oxbridge applicants thought that they were not smart or talented enough to be accepted. The truth is, there is hardly any link between what you think of yourself and what are your odds of getting in, which is why you should apply. Chances of successful application to the prestigious Oxford and Cambridge are further increased by participating in ‘Academic Buddy’ events and preparation camps as well as by applying advice you will get from our mentors. And remember that you will also be applying to other UK universities at the same time, so even if you don’t get into Oxbridge, you will have a chance of getting an offer from other top universities in the UK.

Oxbridge stage vs 2nd stage: which one to choose?

The Oxbridge stage takes place from May to October each year. This is due to the fact that the application deadline to Oxbridge is earlier than those of other universities: it’s 15th October. Pupils who wish to study in Oxbridge should apply to this stage in May or June. Yet, all pupils who are selected for the Oxbridge stage will also have the opportunity to go on to the 2nd stage if they chose so.

The 2nd stage starts in September, and is for students who wish to apply to other best universities in the United Kingdom (LSE, UCL, Warwick, Edinburgh, St Andrews, etc.). The application deadline for these universities is 15th January. If you wish to get a notification about the start of the 2nd stage, please subscribe to our newsletter.

The Process

A large part of communication with mentors happens online. In the Oxbridge stage, each accepted student will receive a mentor according to: (i) personal statement in the registration form, and (ii) his/her preferences.

Communication online will start in August, and will last until the end of the application process. The mentor will likely recommend some literature to read through the summer in preparation for the tests and interviews in autumn and winter.

Nearer the particular deadlines (15th October for UCAS application; special admission tests in November; interviews in December), the mentor will consult the student regarding the specifics.

There will be two events in the Oxbridge stage. The first one is the opening event, which happens in June, where the organisers will inform students about the most general aspects of applications to, and life in Oxbridge. This will also give an opportunity for mentors and students to get to know each other in person. The second event is a preparation camp, happening in September, which will consist in intense two day preparation for tests and interviews.

Oxbridge stage in dates

June 1 – August 1 entor and student registration
07 18 the opening event
TBA pupils and mentors are paired up
September the preparation camp
15th October UCAS application deadline
October - November admission tests
December Oxbridge interviews
January – February admission results

Pupil and mentor registration

Pupil registration: June 1 – August 1

We only accept applications from students in 11th grade or older, as these are the students that can apply to Oxbridge this academic year. When selecting the students, we will use information about their academic potential, achievements, interests and activities that we are given in their application forms. The information in the application form will also be used to assign the student a mentor.

Mentor registration: June 1 – August 1

We only accept Oxbridge students and Alumni in the Oxbridge stage. All information, with the exception of e-mail and phone, will be publicly available on our website. Students will use the information to express their preferences for mentors.

Slides from Oxbridge stage opening event 2015

Download: PPTX. More information is available in the 'Notes' section.

Slies from presentation about Cambridge at Panevezys J. Balcikonis gymnasium 2015

Download: PDF.

The opening event

The aim of the event is to provide a wide range of information about life and studies in Oxbridge, also helping the students to decide whether to apply to Oxbridge, and which subject to pick. This will also give an opportunity for mentors and students to get to know each other in person. The event happens in July.

The preparation camp

Students who are accepted will be invitied to the preparation camp happening in September. During the camp, mentors will lead training sessions and consult students in (i) Personal Statement writing; (ii) interview preparation; (iii) preparation for admission tests. There should also be an interesting evening programme and an opportunity to meet other applicants and mentors.

The camp happens in September.