About the 2nd Stage

The 2nd stage is for students in their finals year of high school who are interested in studying in the best* universities in the UK (except for Oxford and Cambridge; due to procedural differences in application ‘Academic Buddy’ has a stage dedicated solely to them).

You can introduce yourself to the history and goals of the project in the Oxbridge stage page.

The Process

Application to UK’s universities happens through a centralized system called ‘UCAS’ http://www.ucas.com/. The deadline for UCAS applications (for universities outside Oxbridge) is 15th January

It is crucial to dedicate time and energy to your UCAS application, as that substantially increases chances of getting an offer from your desired university. For this reason, the 2nd stage of ‘Academic Buddy’ starts in September**. High school students and other wishing to participate in ‘Academic Buddy’ need to register on our website before the deadline (specified below). Every reigstered participant is then assigned a mentor according to (i) interests and motivation expressed in the application form, and (ii) expressed mentor preferences.

The student will communicate with his/her mentor mostly by e-mail/Skype/Google Hangouts and other remote methods. The mentor will consult the student in all questions that might arise, will help to prepare their Personal Statement and other parts of the UCAS form, etc. The mentor does not do anything on behalf of the student – students have to apply themselves! We believe that students who are accepted to ‘Academic Buddy’ are capable to grapple with the UCAS form and other parts of their application by themselves; the mentors are there to guide them and answer their questions.

The 2nd stage also includes to live events. The first one is the opening event happening in September, which introduces students to peculiarities of UK’s universities, admissions procedures, differences between higher education and living in different regions of UK, and other preliminary information. The second event - Personal Statement improvement workshop, which happens in December, when mentors (usually students in UK) come back to Lithuania for their Christmas vacation.

2nd Stage dates

until 15th November registration for mentors and students
late November communication between students and mentors starts
15th January UCAS deadline
November** – April university admission results
May - June Lithuanian high school exams
July - August universities accept students who’ve fulfilled conditions in their offers

Pupil and mentor registration

Pupil registration. September - October

All last year high school students and older willing participants are welcome to register. Students are accepted/rejected based on their motivation and abilities as stated/visible from their application form. The application form will also be used to assign a mentor. Application forms which are written hastily (e. g. don’t contain relevant information or are very short) will be rejected, so we ask all future participants to spend time on their application to ‘Academic Buddy’

Mentor registration. September - October

All Lithuanian students who study or are alumni of the best universities in the United Kingdom are very needed! All information in mentor applications, except for their e-mail, will be publicly available and students will base their mentor preferences on it.

*All Russell Group universities, and also universities that are amongst the top 10 inThe Guardian rankings (also, some exceptional specialized courses, e. g. art/engineering courses in less well known/ranked univerisites can be accepted if they are exceptional in their domain!)

** If you send your application early, universities might also reply early with an offer/rejection. It’s not obligatory to wait until 15th January if both the pupil and the mentor think that the UCAS application is in good form.